Co-Ordinated Landscapes, Biddy Giles Park (NSW)


CATEGORY: Commercial Construction over $1M

Biddy Giles Park is a 9000 square metre community space featured at South Village Kirrawee. This new park pays homage to its brick-works past and traditional owners. The use of innovative design, recycled bricks and textured rocks in the gabion walls have created a special all abilities play space.

“The project contains an interesting mix of elements well-constructed by the Landscaper to present a high quality finish with good Day1 impact and value The Park features cultural and heritage features inherent in the historic Kirrawee Brick Pit & Kiln site. Now officially named ‘Biddy Giles Park’ linking the traditional custodians to the current space. The site is also home to critically endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest (STIF) vegetation.”

“With this project the entrant has delivered a broad scope of works encompassing a wide range of elements, materials and finishes to a high standard. While some of the works were sub contracted it is impressive to see the level of coordination and technical capability demonstrated by the team to achieve a project delivered to a high standard of detail for a project of this scale.”

Co-ordinated Landscapes, Biddy Giles Park
Co-ordinated Landscapes, Biddy Giles Park