Dubbo Landscaping, Wiradjuri Garden (NSW)


CATEGORY: Commercial Construction over $1M

Wiradjuri Garden was an inclusive community-based project which transformed a relatively unusable area into a culturally rich combination of local indigenous flora, parallel play spaces, functional pedestrian thoroughfares and purpose-built meeting spaces.

“The Landscaper constructed a 1.3 ha Indigenous themed garden with in Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden at Elizabeth Park to engage with the regions indigenous community rich history and heritage The completed project reflects the Landscapers high attention to detail with constructed elements and planting set out consistent with the design including amphitheatre, a firepit, sculptural elements, endemic plantings, a playground, furniture, paths, shelters and a constructed ‘billabong’. Thoughtful local aboriginal employment created a positive partnership with all plants chosen for the project were endemic to the local Wiradjuri Community to complete a project of merit.”

“The components of this project have been delivered to an exceptional standard. The works are unique and elements are complex in nature yet the team have demonstrated good technical capabilities and precision. This is an exemplary project.”

Dubbo Landscaping, Wiradjuri Garden
Dubbo Landscaping, Wiradjuri Garden