Eureka Landscapes, Sundown Park, Spring Mountain (QLD)

Eureka Landscapes Sundown Park, Spring Mountain

CATEGORY: Commercial Landscape $500,000-$1M

Located conveniently on Twilight Drive in the Sunset Ridge residential address, Sundown Park is a park for all ages. Sundown Park is another neighbourhood park that has been created to enhance the lifestyle of another new community within the Greater Springfield region. It has shelters, playground, a BMX bike track for children to learn and enjoy the comfort of riding away from cars. The park was built during the hard Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, which resulted in several months where it was mothballed during the construction period

“An exceptional level of workmanship is evident across all standard park elements, although it’s the BMX track which makes this project truly memorable! The considered formation of the track within its bush garden surrounds is both true to design and excellently crafted. Sundown Park is an excellent community facility and worthy award winner.”

Eureka Landscapes Sundown Park Spring Mountain 1
Eureka Landscapes, Sundown Park
Eureka Landscapes, Sundown Park
Eureka Landscapes, Sundown Park
Eureka Landscapes, Sundown Park
Eureka Landscapes, Sundown Park