Landscape Solutions (Qld), RAFF Memorial, Anglican Church Grammar School, East Brisbane (QLD)

Landscape Solutions1

CATEGORY: Commercial Construction up to $500,000

Starting from a dirt patch and finishing with custom made furniture on a checkerboard tile layout, this site is located within one of the most prestigious schools in Brisbane. The scope of this project included sandstone walls, garden beds, paving, a custom pergola with stainless wire and custom-made table and seating.

The scope of works included creating a sandstone retaining wall to make the most of the sloped space. Earthworks, to build up the side and install sub-surface drainage. Concrete and paving was completed inhouse, with paving direct stick-to-the-slab works done in a checkboard pattern, and lighting. In addition, the arbour and furniture was all custom made for the site.

“Some projects demonstrate excellence in one particular aspect while falling down in others. This project demonstrated consistency in the quality of execution for all items which included sandstone walls, checkerboard tiles and a custom pergola, table and seating. An excellent overall result was achieved.”

Landscape Solutions (Qld), RAFF Memorial
Landscape Solutions (Qld), RAFF Memorial
Landscape Solutions (Qld), RAFF Memorial
Landscape Solutions (Qld), RAFF Memorial