Regal Innovations, Darling Square (NSW)


CATEGORY: Commercial Construction over $1M

Darling Square is without a doubt a feature recreational realm within the precinct, servicing 600 high level apartments. The detail, finishes and quality are recognised as world class. Maintaining and complementing the planting theme of surrounding areas. The centre feature, a ribbon building wrapped in timber following into the landscaping.

“The site presented many construction challenges that are different from those usually encountered. The Landscaper carried out complex site works in an old tip site consisting of many different ground conditions with foundations work to receive paving installation by others Completed project reflects the Landscapers high attention to detail with constructed elements and planting set out consistent with the design.”

“This project shows innovation and a high level of expertise applied to managing the difficult site conditions. A large amount of challenges were overcome to deliver a high standard of work across a range of soft and hardscape elements.”

Regal Innovations, Darling Square
Regal Innovations, Darling Square