Tim Davies Landscaping, Saunders Street Residence (WA)


CATEGORY: Residential Construction $150,000-$250,000

This very large new build is perched on a cliff overlooking Mosman Bay. A modern tri-level residence, the garden is designed to soften the hard lines of the building, but matches it in complexity and layering.

This property has two entrances and is built into a steep slope, labyrinthine in layout, the project called for several distinct planting zones. Peppered throughout the property are a series of unique garden spaces, all designed to draw the space together and add shade, privacy and comfort to the home.

The lower level in front of the garage is planted with a ground cover of Star Jasmine and Juniperus Conferta, with Mauritius hemp to offer an overall soft appearance with mixed textures, colours and heights. The terrace is balanced on both ends, with a mature dracaena drago on one side and mature frangipanis on the other. A series of oblong aluminium planters overlap the pavements and spill over with pigs ear and dichondra ‘silver falls’, the remainder of the terrace is a carpet of casuarina cousin it.

A line of olive trees cover the wall of the staircase leading to the upper level’s pool and garden. The garden meets the stairs with an olive tree and another mature dracaena draco. Beneath the trees are curved planted zones containing cycas revolute, casuarina cousin it, sedum ‘little gem’ and echeveria glauca. Stone steppers complete the journey up to a patch of lawn that offers easy access from the surrounding parts of the house to the pool and covered terrace.

On the other side of the lawn, a narrow path extends down the side of the house back to the entry gate lined with plants. The path from the entry gate to the front door is flanked on either side by mature frangipanis, the path follows a flight of stairs down through a landing planted with buxus balls, star jasmine and swamp lily.

Beneath the lowest stairs a pond and water feature break up the space and fill the width of a floor length window. On the right, an elevated line of plums softens the concrete wall leading up to the front door and partially conceal the narrow path that continues down the side of the house. The entry gate itself leads back out to a green laneway walled with hedges and provides space for guest parking and pedestrian entry. Mature trees and hedging aids in softening the boundary walls, offering a private and secluded feeling to the property’s entrance.

Located deeper in the property a mature olive tree stands century over a productive kitchen garden. A stepper pathway is surrounded by lush planting and groundcover. A large raised planter is reserved for herbs and vegetables. Along the exterior wall we installed a row of espaliered citrus trees.

The project required extensive lighting, with multiple spot LEDs beneath almost every tree, with the exception of a central royal poinciana on the pool area lawn, which is lit with lawn lights. Wayfinder bollards improve the visibility of the steps up from the lower terrace to the upper terrace.

Tim Davies Landscaping, Saunders Street Residence
Tim Davies Landscaping, Saunders Street Residence
Tim Davies Landscaping, Saunders Street Residence
Tim Davies Landscaping, Saunders Street Residence