Warrandale Industries, Arid Garden (VIC)


CATEGORY: Commercial Construction $500,000-$1M

The Arid Garden is a timeless example of a stunningly beautiful and a very well-constructed project. From the hand excavation around existing historic trees to the careful placement of basalt rocks consistent with the Guilfoyle-design style, this project has been built with careful understanding and love of the craft of landscaping.

Warrandale’s delivery of a wonderful design by Andrew Laidlaw exemplifies the detailing and exceptional quality of a landscape that will become an iconic place in the Royal Botanic Gardens and a favourite for many visitors.

“Warrandale Industries’ execution of the Arid Garden impressed the judges with its challenging site conditions, execution of trade skills and complex planting needs.”

“Strict requirements within the Royal Botanic Gardens impacted heavily on every aspect of construction, and the attention to detail needed for the transplant and installation of prized cacti and succulents was superb, providing variation in heights, textures and sightlines across the landscape.”

“From the stonework of the steps to the custom stenciled and sandblasted seats, high-quality finishes have been delivered to illustrate both an innovative result and exceptional trade skills. Well done to the team at Warrandale Industries.”

Warrandale Industries, Arid Garden
Warrandale Industries, Arid Garden
Warrandale Industries, Arid Garden
Warrandale Industries, Arid Garden
Warrandale Industries, Arid Garden