Boss Gardenscapes, Red Hill (QLD)

Boss Gardenscapes Red Hill 002

CATEGORY: Residential $70,000 – $150,000


The original entry to the Red Hill home did not fit the architecture of the residence. Winding tiled steps led to a landing, then a straight climb up timber steps past the garage and over a downstairs clothesline to the front door.

Boss Gardenscape‚Äôs new entry uses seemingly floating timber platforms as steps that both slow the journey to the front door and provide a more interesting view of the front garden along the way. A small west-facing stone patio and sandstone bench harnesses small spaces created in the winding path, creating a pause to lounge in the Queensland sun and enjoy the sunset.

The use of spotted gum decking, local plants and river rock blends the entryway into the landscape. While aluminium was required for durability, the use of timber-look aluminium anchored with hardwood timber posts creates a natural effect. With a focus on sustainability, several existing plants on site were retained and nurtured during construction and transplanted with new plant stock. The succulent garden was created using the clients existing collection, rearranged into diverse clusters.


This residential project masterfully tackles steep terrain with impeccable hard and soft landscaping. The thoughtfully crafted landform, incorporating bolder work and a pebble-lined swale, is the cornerstone for the beautifully designed platform stairs. The project encompasses various hard elements such as a roofed arrival shelter, fencing, a timber platform stair, boulder work, a rock-lined swale, stone pavement, and integrated lighting. The planting palette is responsive to distinct microclimates, harmonising with the site’s steep and lusher areas, all showcasing skilled craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

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Boss Gardenscapes, Red Hill
Boss Gardenscapes Red Hill 001
Boss Gardenscapes, Red Hill
Boss Gardenscapes Red Hill
Boss Gardenscapes, Red Hill