ODS Husqvarna Champion of Champions: 2021/22 Winners


Votes for the inaugural Husqvarna Champion of Champions: Australian Landscaper of the Year awards have been tallied and the winners are …
COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPER OF THE YEAR: CBD Landscape Construction, STARS (QLD) – view project
RESIDENTIAL LANDSCAPER OF THE YEAR Yards, Hawthorn (QLD) – view project

Residential up to $70k: Yards, Hawthorn (QLD) – view project
Residential $70 to $150k: Urban Garden Enrichment, Woolloomooloo (NSW) – view project
Residential $150 to $250k: Nature’s Best Landscapes, Hawthorn (VIC) – view project
Residential over $250k: Living Style Landscapes, Sunshine Beach (QLD) – view project
Commercial up to $500k: LD Total, Catalina Plane Playground (WA) – view project
Commercial $500k to $1M: Landscape Solutions (QLD), Riverside Southbank (QLD) – view project
Commercial over 1M: CBD Landscape Construction, Surgical Treatment & Rehabilitation Service (STARS) (QLD) – view project

Husqvarna ODS Champion of Champions: Landscaper of the Year 2021/22 Awards Videos

With thanks to our sponsors, media partners and entrants. Meet the winners of the 2021/2022 Husqvarna Champion of Champions: Australian Landscaper of the Year. Congratulations to all crown-holders, ODS is proud to showcase this wonderful tournament to celebrate the best national landscaping projects. Check out this video tribute to the 2021/2022 award winners.

View the Commercial Winners video below:

View the Residential Winners video below: