Husqvarna and Outdoor Design Source Champion of Champions: Terms & Conditions and General FAQ

What is different about the Outdoor Design Source Champion of Champions?

This program spotlights the work of professionals in creating brilliant external works projects.  Our secondary but no less significant aim is to create some excitement around exemplary landscape work in the community at large.

The emphasis of this program is on facilitating client outcomes (ie. how the brief was answered, and how each project contributes to the betterment of life for the people who use it). 

Individual State Landscape Associations supply their own award winners in to this program.  Each state-based association has its own criteria, and will have covered off build quality in their own program.  The specific mission for Champions of Champions is to assess the project against the brief, and see how the project facilitates brilliant lifestyle outcomes for the user community, be it public or residential.

The key opportunity or benefit of Champion of Champions is that landscapers who are used to competing within their own state of origin, can now compete on a bigger National stage. This program is a way to highlight brilliant landscape work on a level that has National significance.

How do I enter?

Through your state Landscape Construction Awards program. The state associations will put your entry forward to Champion of Champions.

Who can enter?

Any professional landscaper based in Australia, who is a paid-up member of their state landscape contractor association.

Crediting Professionals

We ask that design professionals be credited as well as photographers. This is not only a requirement but it is polite to give credit where credit is due.  These businesses will gain kudos from the competition which may help them get more work.

Who is behind the Outdoor Design Source Champion of Champions?

This program is run by Universal Media Co as the promoter.   

Universal Media co is the Trading Name of Universal Magazines Pty Ltd (ACN 003 026 944)

Basic Entry Criteria

Entry is free.

Entry is Automatic to winners of State Contractor Association Awards and is made via the State Contractor Association itself.

Projects must have met the criteria of their local State Contractor Association Awards.

See below for full entry requirements.

Assessment Criteria & Selection of the Winner

Entries will be assessed by a panel of judges, and representatives of the promoter, based upon the following criteria.

  1. Brief. Stated objectives for the project.
  2. Design. How the design answered those objectives.
  3. Execution. Does the final built project answer those objectives.
  4. X factor. Judges own criteria.
  5. Audience Vote. The industry at large will be invited to vote on their peers, and this information will be supplied to the judges. Audience voting is limited to one vote per individual, with the first vote cast being the primary vote taken into consideration.

Judges will view the entries making their decision on merit based on these criteria.  Chance plays no part in determining winner.  There will only be one winner in each category. In the event that judges cannot agree on a winner for any category based on scoring, further deliberation will be entered into by all judges until an outcome can be reached. Universal Media Co reserves the right for their nominated Media Partner judge to make the final decision on the winner of any category should a clear winner not be made available according to the method provided in these Terms & Conditions.

The Judges deliberations will account for 90% of the vote.  Judges will be from across the nation.

The judges’ decision is final and binding. If in the opinion of the judges the entries do not reach the quality standard for the competition, the judges and Universal Media Co, in their discretion may decide not to grant all finalist positions. There will only be one winner.

The finalists and the winner will be notified by email.

Media Coverage

Media coverage of the Outdoor Design Source Champion of Champions includes (but is not limited to) Outdoor Design Source, Outdoor Design Source Exemplary Projects, Outdoor Design Magazine, Grand Designs Australia Magazine, Backyard & Outdoor Living Magazine, Home Design Magazine,, and associated social media channels.

Editorial comment on and photographic display of the projects entered will be at the discretion of the media. Whilst it is the aim of Universal Media Co and Outdoor Design Source to feature the work of entrants accurately, the Promoter makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of goods and services offered. To the extent permitted by law, the promoter is not liable for any loss suffered to person, business, entity or property by reason of any actor omission, deliberate or negligent, by the Promotor its employees or agents in connection with the arrangement for the supply of services.  Whilst the promoter will make its best effort to feature the work of entrants accurately, then promotor including Outdoor Design Source is not liable for any discrepancy, error, omission or misrepresentation of that participant or entry in any media report.

Universal Media Co will also be promoting pre, during & post awards, on all of our social media channels.

Universal Media Co shall promote the entire program to other media, seeking coverage. Whilst it is the aim of Universal Media Co to feature the work of entrants accurately, there will be no responsibility taken for discrepancy, error, omission or misrepresentation of that entry in any media report.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements have been developed in consideration of the “feeder” Awards programs run by the respective State Contractor Associations. If you meet the entry requirements of your local association you meet the entry requirements of the Outdoor Design Source Champion of Champions.

What does the winner get? What is the prize?

The winner will receive…

  1. A large-scale media drive across all Universal Media Co assets including written profiles and project photos displaying the Champion of Champions: Australian Landscaper of the Year Badge.
  2. A Finalist Trophy
  3. Permission to use the Champion of Champions: Australian Landscaper of the Year 2023 Badge.


Data collected from both Entrants and Voters participating in this competition and associated marketing program shall be used by the Promoter and its Sponsors.  The content of votes however shall remain confidential.  To see the company’s privacy policy, go here:

Key Dates

Competition launches December 2023

Public online voting begins December 2023 (excl. WA)

Online voting closes April 2024

Judges’ voting closes April 2024

Winners announced May 2024