Esjay Landscapes + Pools, Abbotsford (VIC)

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CATEGORY: Construction up to $70,000


Nestled in a green pocket of the suburb of Abbotsford, this compact outdoor space is tucked away in the rear courtyard of a beautiful, cosmopolitan style home. Utilising existing structural elements, Esjay Landscapes + Pools looked to create a crisp, clean design that ticks off all of its client’s needs, providing a beautiful backdrop to their home and a place where everyone can relax and enjoy the surrounds.

Incorporating a balance of modern concrete, clever planting and batten screens, Esjay transformed the area into a dream courtyard, focusing on intricate details, clean lines and superior materials that echo all they key traits of a very special landscape. The use of natural materials, a palette of soft greys and blacks, as well as lush plantings, fuses the elements together to complete an extension of the indoors, which has been designed to bring people together in a place to sit, cook, laugh and create memories.

This courtyard is now home to a stunning outdoor entertainment room that injects a touch of elegance and class in to the space, making it the perfect backdrop for an impressive inner-city home.

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Esjay Landscapes + Pools, Abbotsford


“In a tightly contested field of entrants with uniquely different projects, Esjay Landscapes came out on top after overcoming multiple and unique site challenges to produce a beautiful addition to the residence, easily adding more value than the cost to install.  The site offers up a well thought out plan that meets the client brief and seamlessly utilises the borrowed landscape. 

The perfectly straight lines in the concrete and high level of detail in manually tumbling all cut paver edges, was matched by excellent documentation. A very worthy winner in this category.”

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Esjay Landscapes + Pools, Abbotsford
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Esjay Landscapes + Pools, Abbotsford