Eureka Landscapes, Neumann Park – Yarrabilba (QLD)

Eureka Landscapes Neumann Park 001

CATEGORY: Commercial $500,000 – $1 Million


Neumann Park holds deep cultural significance for the Yugambeh People due to the presence of two significant Rock Shelters, used for stone tool workshops and camping/cooking. This project presented a unique opportunity for positive cultural exchange between Eureka Landscapes and the Yugambeh People, working together to restore and protect the site while respecting its layered history.

To conserve the existing environment, earthworks and drainage were undertaken to protect over 100 existing trees and reduce naturally occurring erosion to the Rock Shelters and surrounding areas. In an effort to reduce the need for imported materials and minimise wastage, natural building materials such as rock, soil and mulch were repurposed. With a major focus on sustainability, over 10,000 native species were sourced, including 128 new trees and 750 seedlings propagated from the area. These were planted by the Yugambeh People at the Rock Shelters, continuing their tradition of respect and cultivation of First Nation sites.

The previously overgrown and vandalised park has been replaced by a public space that celebrates and respects the community and its traditional history.


This project belies its young age, seamlessly blending into its environment at the development’s edge. The Contractor has masterfully translated the landscape design into reality, creating a space that complements its surroundings. The impeccable attention to detail, along with a diverse array of hardscape finishes and materials, coupled with the high-quality soft landscape, highlights the Contractor’s evident exceptional expertise in parkscape construction. A well-deserved winner, this project is now a valuable asset for the local community.

Eureka Landscapes Neumann Park 002
Eureka Landscapes, Neumann Park
Eureka Landscapes Neumann Park 003
Eureka Landscapes, Neumann Park
Eureka Landscapes Neumann Park
Eureka Landscapes Neumann Park