Instyle Habitats Sunshine Coast, Doonan (QLD)

Instyle Habitats Doonan 001

CATEGORY: Residential $150,000 – $250,000


Nestled above a natural valley, the brief was to achieve a feel of external relaxation, sophistication and simplicity, that also complimented the internal property features. Instyle Habitats have created living, work and tranquil spaces that blend together with the home, natural light and the surrounding environment.

To create a sleek and modern design that seamlessly melds into the landscape, a combination of plants, sand, steel, wood and rock were used. Over 300 trees, including established Norfolk Pine, Olive, Pandanus and the Canary Island Date Palm were craned in and planted to continue this blend, fostering the idea that the house was built around the greenery. 

The use of non-uniform lines in steps, pavers and the retaining walls transform structural necessities into sculpture. Features provide both function and style, such as organic bluestone steppers and a turf grid driveway, with each individual tuft of grass cut to size and installed.


Exemplifying minimalistic elegance with flawless precision, this project seamlessly blends artistic workmanship, meticulous construction detail, and a curated plant palette. The landscaping harmonises with the architecture, creating a model of refined indoor-outdoor living. Behind the simplicity, exceptional skill orchestrates a symphony of sophisticated techniques, culminating in a result the contractor can take great pride in.

Instyle Habitats Doonan 002
Instyle Habitats Sunshine Coast, Doonan
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Instyle Habitats Sunshine Coast, Doonan
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Instyle Habitats Sunshine Coast, Doonan