Landstruct Landscape Construction, Sunbury (VIC)

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CATEGORY: Commercial up to $500,000


Landstruct Landscape Construction aided in the construction of a new accessibility ramp and urban space to an existing greenspace in Sunbury. With existing stairs from a previous renovation, Landstruct was contracted to build an accessible ramp incorporating outdoor seating spaces and plantings to the steep sloped terrain. Landstruct works included a variety of hard and soft landscaping elements that brought this greenspace to life. Facing challenges of the sloped landscape, Landstruct worked around these obstacles to create a remarkable public space that provides inclusive features for the community of all abilities to use.


“Given the working conditions were tight and allowing pedestrian access during construction was a difficult challenge. Matching the newly constructed accessible ramp into existing surfaces and heights required a very skilled setout. The materials used were excellent and constructed with precision. Viewing the site from the lowest point provides a very impressive outlook over the whole project. The gardens were flourishing and provided a welcoming experience.”

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Landstruct Landscape Construction, Sunbury
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Landstruct Landscape Construction, Sunbury
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Landstruct Landscape Construction, Sunbury