Landstruct Landscape Construction, Warrnambool (VIC)

Landstruct Warrnambool 4

CATEGORY: Commercial over $1M


Landstruct Landscape Construction were tasked to replace an existing playground in Lake Pertobe Reserve with a new playspace that combined bespoke and natural elements. The regional playspace was designed around the theme of local First Nations and in collaboration with ACLA, the playground established an appropriate balance of themes, cultural heritage and play. Working through many challenges in both site and management issues due to the COVID19 period, the finished result is a grand playspace with many features to keep children entertained for hours.


“With its towering eel trap-inspired slide, captivating waterplay area, and an array of playful landscape elements, this project has delivered a fantastic open space for the community to enjoy.  The site presented numerous challenges, including considerable distance, issues with water inundation, and a high water table, rendering it a site of notably high complexity.

That complexity is invisible to the many users due to the outstanding work by the team at Landstruct. The concrete work boasts an exceptional finish, all cuts exhibit a high level of precision, and there is little to criticize when it comes to the quality of materials used. The site was draining well, and the levels adhere to the plans, showcasing exquisite curvature and distinct elements in every area.”

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Landstruct Landscape Construction, Warrnambool
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Landstruct Landscape Construction, Warrnambool
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Landstruct Landscape Construction, Warrnambool