LCS Landscapes, Polonia Reserve Upgrade (SA)

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CATEGORY: Commercial over $1M


The Polonia Reserve project emerged as a response to the construction of the South Road freeway, which disrupted the cherished soccer pitch of the Croydon Football Club. Consequently, the club was relocated to more modern facilities at the nearby Regency Reserve. The newly reimagined Polonia Reserve, designed by Birdseye Studios, seamlessly integrates an extensive kick-about lawn, a creative play area, and a pivotal stormwater detention zone.

An unmistakable 7-meter-tall soccer ball sculpture and play element, crafted by Iguana Creative, stands as the reserve’s centerpiece. Offering three levels of engagement, it features twin slides, intricate climbing structures, a scenic lookout platform, tessellated steps, fire poles, an interactive ticket booth, and atmospheric exterior lighting. This play structure, more than a mere recreational feature, reflects the rich soccer heritage of the area, harking back to when Polonia Reserve was home first to the Polonia Soccer Club and, since 1950, the Croydon Football Club.

The Polonia Reserve embodies sustainable design principles, doubling as a stormwater detention basin during heavy rainfall. This feature, beyond its environmental benefits, provides a critical service to the community by reducing flood risks and enhancing the efficiency of the regional stormwater infrastructure. This commitment to environmental and community wellbeing solidifies the Polonia Reserve’s position as a beacon of modern, sustainable and historically conscious design.

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LCS Landscapes, Polonia Reserve Upgrade
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LCS Landscapes, Polonia Reserve Upgrade
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LCS Landscapes, Polonia Reserve Upgrade
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LCS Landscapes, Polonia Reserve Upgrade