Rainscapes, Yarraville (VIC)

Rainscapes Yarraville 1

CATEGORY: Commercial $500,000 – $1M


In the heart of Yarraville, a visionary project that transformed a 150-year-old road into a vibrant and sustainable public space that fosters community connection and appreciation for the environment. Rainscapes aided in the construction of a variety of hard and soft landscaping elements such as bike paths, LED lighting installations, bricks and paving, timber deck structures, bike racks, connecting bridge and so much more. At the core of this space lies a magnificent Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) rain garden, meticulously designed to collect and filter rainwater runoff, nurturing the surrounding greenery and promoting biodiversity. The newly constructed public space stands as a testament to the power of sustainable design, renewable energy, and the strength of community ties


“Utilising various landscape treatments for hardscape and softscape including water sensitive urban design techniques, this is an amazing transformation of a closed section of roadway into vibrant useable open green space for the neighbourhood. Accommodating the local school community, the space provides safe movement for students between two campuses, whilst prioritising student access to quality open space.

The newly constructed pocket park is a welcome zone for recreational activities with improved seating, lighting for passive surveillance and safety, and bicycle lanes that are effectively separated from the pedestrian paths by garden beds and planting, and it also forms an important cycle and pedestrian link to the Yarraville train station for residents and commuters north of Somerville Road.

Rainscapes have executed a well-considered project with various detailed landscape treatments that have been constructed and delivered to the highest of standards.”

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Rainscapes, Yarraville
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Rainscapes, Yarraville