Construction $150,000 – $250,000

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Earth Creation Landscapes, Sunshine Beach (QLD)

A new home build, this transformative garden was designed as a space “of contemplation, so [they] can see the stars at night and the reflection from the pond from inside the house” according to the client’s wishes.


Growing Rooms Landscapes, Maroubra Residence (NSW)

A secluded gem and a swimmer’s delight in Maroubra that demonstrates a contemporary style and reflects the family’s love of swimming.


Tim Davies Landscaping, Saunders Street Residence (WA)

Perched on a cliffside with ocean views, this residential home is orientated to take full advantage of the views. A multilevel construction, the home features a series of outdoor balcony spaces that allow the homeowners to entertain or relax as they choose.


Tim Davies Landscaping, Brompton Road Residence (WA)

Set on a corner block, this residence showcases a modern aesthetic comprised of a clean, concrete finish. Surrounded by a free-flowing landscape out front, the gardens slope down from the front of the house, eliminating the lawn and spreading in a low-lying blanket across the site. Mature trees dot the carpet of green, adding height and dimension to the garden.

Living Style

Living Style Landscapes, Birtinya (QLD)

For our Birtinya clients, America had been a big part of their lives and they wanted to incorporate the style that they had become accustomed to and loved in the States into their new home on the Sunshine Coast. This unique style was evident in their design which was bold and strong.


SA Waterscapes, Crafers Aquatic Habitat (SA)

Looking for a spectacular water feature in their outdoor space, the homeowners of this Crafers property handed over full creative control to SA Waterscapes. Based on their previous work and experience in the industry, SA Waterscapes were given carte blanche to create a tiered waterscape to fill the space.

Natures Best 3

Nature’s Best Landscapes, Hawthorn Residence (VIC)

The brief was to create a family friendly urban oasis that incorporated an entertaining space to cater for groups of people. It was equally important that the look and scale of both the pool and pool house spaces were in proportion with the sizeable home.