Residential Landscaping

Landscape design enhances the visual aesthetic and economic value of any residence, as well as contributing to our overall health and wellbeing. Through expert planning and execution, a thoughtfully-designed outdoor area can become an oasis of rest and relaxation, a safe and engaging play zone, a swimmer’s paradise or an outdoor host’s nirvana that appeals on every level.

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Construction up to $70,000 Construction $70,000 -$150,000 Construction $150,000 - $250,000 Construction over $250,000

Earth Creation Landscapes, Sunshine Beach (QLD)

Construction $150,000 - $250,000

A new home build, this transformative garden was designed as a space “of contemplation, so [they] can see the stars at night and the reflection from the pond from inside the house” according to the client’s wishes.


Urban Garden Enrichment, Private Garden Oasis, Woolloomooloo (NSW)

Construction $70,000 -$150,000

A secluded and private inner-city garden oasis that would allow the client’s to enjoy their outdoor area and create more space in the existing garden area. The project included an outdoor dining zone and kitchen with preparation space that also linked to the bespoke sun lounge.


Outdoor Escape Landscaping, The Dusty (NSW)

Construction $70,000 -$150,000

The Dusty was designed and created to be a pocket of tranquility for this family home, emulating a relaxed, natural environment that generates a feeling of retreat. Using a mix of coastal and informal design styles to create a relaxed, uncultivated vibe, while focusing heavily on natural elements and features.


Growing Rooms Landscapes, Maroubra Residence (NSW)

Construction $150,000 - $250,000

A secluded gem and a swimmer’s delight in Maroubra that demonstrates a contemporary style and reflects the family’s love of swimming.


The Other Side Landscapes, Koi Pond Project (NSW)

Construction over $250,000

This project demonstrates an extensive mastery of all aspects of hard and soft landscape construction. With a clear mandate from the client to ensure the landscape complimented the architects design. We were tasked to deliver a soft and light landscape which belies a technically complex landscape beneath the surface


iCreate Landscape and Design, Booralie Residence (NSW)

Construction up to $70,000

A modern coastal garden inspired by the east coast of Australia that showcases a collection of natural materials softened with native and exotic textural plantings.


Tim Davies Landscaping, Saunders Street Residence (WA)

Construction $150,000 - $250,000

Perched on a cliffside with ocean views, this residential home is orientated to take full advantage of the views. A multilevel construction, the home features a series of outdoor balcony spaces that allow the homeowners to entertain or relax as they choose.


Deep Green Landscaping, Roscommon Residence, Floreat (WA)

Construction $70,000 -$150,000

Featuring a 1960s flair, this Floreat house demonstrates a love of modernism. A family home that respected and drew on the modernist history of the area, the external finish is constructed from grey timber board finished concrete, making it a perfect backdrop for the lush nature of the gardens.


Tim Davies Landscaping, Brompton Road Residence (WA)

Construction $150,000 - $250,000

Set on a corner block, this residence showcases a modern aesthetic comprised of a clean, concrete finish. Surrounded by a free-flowing landscape out front, the gardens slope down from the front of the house, eliminating the lawn and spreading in a low-lying blanket across the site. Mature trees dot the carpet of green, adding height and dimension to the garden.

Distinctive Gardens1

Distinctive Gardens, Kyros Residence, Medindie (SA)

Construction over $250,000

The soft landscaping was developed to achieve a lush resort-like feel. The hardscaping had a lot of Garonne stone specified in the build, which was also incorporated into the garden areas – without overdoing it. Off-form concrete was introduced into the firepit, pool bar, and used for steppers across the design.