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Commercial Landscaping

Public spaces are an integral part of any community. Providing open space for leisure and recreation, our parks, playgrounds, civic squares and rooftop gardens have a huge impact on our daily lives. Ensuring our urban spaces contain plantlife also guarantees better air quality and supports our eco-systems, not to mention makes our environment more aesthetically appealing. Imagine where we would be without them?

Construction up to $500,000 Construction $500,000-$1m Construction over $1m
Penfold Projects Thomas Dixon Centre 002 1

Penfold Projects, Thomas Dixon Centre (QLD)

Construction up to $500,000

Home to Queensland Ballet since 1991, the revitalised Thomas Dixon Centre is a landmark performing arts destination. Penfold Projects’ expansion…

Brookes Blooms Riverbar 002

Brooke’s Blooms, Riverbar + Kitchen (QLD)

Construction up to $500,000

The Riverbar + Kitchen is an iconic part of the Brisbane cityscape. First installed in 2010, it has weathered more…

Eureka Landscapes Neumann Park 001

Eureka Landscapes, Neumann Park – Yarrabilba (QLD)

Construction $500,000-$1M

This project presented a unique opportunity for positive cultural exchange between Eureka Landscapes and the Yugambeh People, working together to…

Eureka Landscapes Silver Jubilee Park 001

Eureka Landscapes, Silver Jubilee Park (QLD)

Construction over $1M

Silver Jubilee, the latest park for Springfield, has been designed to promote social interaction and problem solving by providing less…

Eureka Landscapes Jingeri Park 001

Eureka Landscapes, Jingeri Park (QLD)

Construction over $1M

Meaning "greeting all of you" in local Yugambeh language, Jingeri Park was designed by Eureka Landscapes to act as the…

Lcs Landscapes Thorndon 2

LCS Landscapes, Thorndon Park Super Playground (SA)

Construction over $1M

Thorndon Park's unparalleled playspace, celebrated for its diverse birdlife, Designed by JPE Design Studio, this space offers multifaceted play opportunities…

Lcs Polonia 1

LCS Landscapes, Polonia Reserve Upgrade (SA)

Construction over $1M

The Polonia Reserve project emerged as a response to the construction of the South Road freeway, which disrupted the cherished…

Lcs Landscapes Hamilton Reserve 2

LCS Landscapes, Hamilton Reserve (SA)

Construction $500,000-$1M

The Hamilton Reserve Redevelopment Project, a cornerstone of the Council's ambitious five-year beautification strategy, has given new life to an…

Climbingtree Glenthorne 1

Climbing Tree Creations, Glenthorne National Park – Ityamaiitpinna Yarta playspace (SA)

Construction $500,000-$1M

Branching off the themes and layout developed by TCL, Climbing Tree Creations brought this National Park playground to life using…

Climbingtree Briarscentre 1

Climbing Tree Creations, The Briars Special Early Learning Centre (SA)

Construction up to $500,000

Climbing Tree Creations main priority of the design and construction of the centre's playground is that it met the various…

Prospectcon Glenthorne 1

Prospect Contractors, Glenthorne National Park – BBQ Area Walls (SA)

Construction up to $500,000

Cook Builder sub-contracted Prospect Contractors to build five gabion walls as part of the adventure playground BBQ areas in Glenthorne…

Landstruct Warrnambool 4

Landstruct Landscape Construction, Warrnambool (VIC)

Construction over $1M

layspace that combined bespoke and natural elements. The regional playspace was designed around the theme of local First Nations and…